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Aloha, economic freedom?

Aloha, economic freedom?

The 2017 Economic Freedom of North America report helps explain why life is tough in Hawaii HONOLULU, Dec. 14, 2017  >> Hawaii moved up a notch nationwide in 2017 in terms of economic freedom, but the Aloha State still is near the bottom, according to factors...

Share freedom, not red tape

Share freedom, not red tape

Hawaii took the long route to increasing consumer choice at its largest state airport, but it arrived there nevertheless, if only temporarily. After lengthy negotiations, the state granted Uber and Lyft permission to pick up passengers from two designated areas at the...

Pension woes hit Kauai big

Pension woes hit Kauai big

Earlier this year, the Kauai County Council admirably balanced its budget without the need for a tax increase. But now, it might be tempted to raise taxes after all, or cut services to make room for the extra dollars earmarked for the pension fund. READ...

‘Certificate of need’ … Really?

‘Certificate of need’ … Really?

No politicians would want to get caught saying they supported limiting the number of  hospitals, dialysis facilities or MRI machines for rural areas. And yet, that’s exactly what dozens of states legislatures have done through the passage of so-called...

A tax plan worth copying?

A tax plan worth copying?

There’s a lot of news out there about the tax bills before the Congress, and nearly all of it is confusing. Call it a symptom of our increasingly partisan media culture or a reflection of political infighting, but it does make it frustrating for those of us who are...

Pension pinches profligacy

Pension pinches profligacy

Earlier this year, the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii pointed out that the state Legislature had discovered a new tactic for meeting its public pension financial obligations: passing the costs on to the counties. Now, Hawaii's county governments — and county taxpayers...

Hawaii doesn’t need ‘certificate of need’ laws

Hawaii doesn’t need ‘certificate of need’ laws

It might not be hard to get admitted to a hospital emergency room in Hawaii, but getting treated in one within a reasonable amount of time — with your life possibly hanging in the balance — is another matter. A 2017 report by The Wall Street Journal found that the...

Pension crisis averted?

Pension crisis averted?

Recent legislative reforms have enabled the state Employees' Retirement System to avert a crisis, but that's partly because much of the burden to strengthen the system has shifted to the counties. Maui County alone, for example, will be paying $36 million extra over...

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