The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public-policy think tank that provides study, analysis, investigation and reporting in the service of educating people about the value of individual liberty, economic freedom and accountable government.

Through the publication of accurate and timely research and commentaries, as well as by organizing events, conferences and seminars, the Institute informs Hawaii’s policymakers, news media and the public at large about key public policy issues, and since its founding in 2001 has helped provide the intellectual foundations for many public policy debates.

While Grassroot Institute of Hawaii functions as a thought leader, it is just as committed to promoting action through practical change. In the spirit of “E Hana Kakou / Let’s work together!”, it strives to bring Hawaii’s people together to work for a better economy, better government and better society.

To maintain its role as an independent voice and watchdog, the Grassroot Institute refuses to accept funding from the local, state or federal governments. As an IRS 501(c)3 organization, the Grassroot Institute is nonpartisan and does not endorse political candidates or parties.

Grassroot Institute is a member of the State Policy Network, the nation’s leading network of state-based think tanks.