2009 Tax Day Tea Party: Citizens commit to oppose and vote against tax increases

April 2009 — Hawaii’s taxpayers have had enough and are ready to do something to let their voices be heard. The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, The Hawaii Republican Assembly, Studio Ryan, Mac Mouse, Admor HVAC and Joe the Builder Inc. have teamed up to sponsor the first annual Hawaii Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th from 4-7pm at the Hawaii state capitol.

“The more Hawaii’s taxpayers find out about what’s going on in their government, the angrier they get and the more they want to get involved. That’s why projects like the Hawaii Pork Report, HawaiiVotes.org and events like this are so vital,” said Grassroot Institute President Jamie Story. “Government officials should know that we are watching and educating the community about what they are doing with our money.” The Institute has worked to educate taxpayers since 2001, and recently produced the Hawaii Pork Report and created HawaiiVotes.org to help citizens keep tabs on the state legislature.

Hawaii is among the highest taxed states in the nation and ranks near the bottom in economic freedom, according to recent national rankings. “While taxpayers adjust their budgets just to put food on the table, the Hawaii State Legislature is raising fees for everything and is even planning a rise in the general excise tax,” said Paul E. Smith, President of the Hawaii Republican Assembly, which is helping to organize the event. . “On top of all that, they increased their own pay by 36 percent!”

“Voters should understand; without a great showing at the 2009 Tea Party Hawaii voters will continue as economic serfs to the tax-and-spend politicians who control our government.”

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