GRIH Video on The Akaka Bill: Another government?

Grassroot Weekly Video Information Series He Hawaii au Another Government? Everyone is subject to the laws of the local, state and federal governments. Our taxes pay for government and the public services they provide. Each tax dollar is precious, and we strive to use that money to directly benefit the public which paid it. The Akaka Bill will create a new government, with more overhead, which will affect everyone in the State of Hawaii. The Akaka Bill government will not be directly accountable to the general public, but only to those defined as Hawaiian by race. One third of the Hawaiians identified by the Akaka Bill do not live in Hawaii today, and may have never lived there before. These people, simply because of their race, will lay claim to lands and resources which should be for the benefit of the entire public of Hawaii. He Hawaii au; he mau Hawaii kakou a pau. I am Hawaiian; we are all Hawaiian! For more information on the Akaka Bill and other public policy issues please visit: www.grassrootinstitute.org…


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