The Real Story Behind Wind, Solar Energy

by Pearl Hahn

Remember how anthropogenic global warming advocates had to switch their terminology to climate change? I also have to remind myself to stop using the term “renewable energy” for wind, solar, and other alternatives to fossil fuels.

This Mises piece likens energy to a river, existing as flows or stores. Contrary to popular belief, solar energy, just like fossil fuels, are energy stores, as energy from the sun is also limited.

Fossil fuels are extremely concentrated and efficient energy stores, unlike wind or solar energy, which have extremely diluted flows (solar is ten to fifty times less concentrated than fossil fuel). Due to its diluted flow, it requires a lot of land in order to be harvested. This is a significant limiting factor for both solar and wind power.

No one has considered the cost and environmental effects of solar power installations which take up much more room and maintenance. This plan calls for a whopping 1,200 square miles just for a single power plant. Keep in mind that energy storage can take up an equal amount of additional space. Nuclear, on the other hand, only requires one square mile.

It’s no wonder these “renewable energy” companies continue seeking handouts at the cost of taxpayers. All it takes is a little outside reading to see that “renewable energy” is a long-winded term for a scam.

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