Government Waste Not Just On Oahu

by Pearl Hahn

Who can forget the time Kauai residents joined together to complete a $4 million road repair, which was estimated to take two years, in only eight days and for free? While providing an uplifting lesson about what is humanly possible, the story also paints a grim picture of the extent of government waste and inability to fulfill its stated functions.

On Maui, a boardwalk in Kihei has yet to open despite being planned nearly fifteen years ago. The Fish and Wildlife Service, Federal Highway Administration, and Maui County provided $2.6 million in funding. Reportedly, the boardwalk and parking lot project is suffering from poor workmanship, design flaws, permitting and purchasing issues, a budget shortfall, and side effects of flooding.

Apparently, despite not being officially open yet, people park on the side of the road nearby and walk past a closed sign onto the boardwalk anyway.

While holding our breath for the project to finish in the meantime, send tips of other examples of waste and inefficiencies to pearl@grassrootinstitute.org.

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