by Pearl Hahn

The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii will be joining Conservatives for Patients’ Rights in an eleven-state national jet tour to educate the public about the dangers of impending national health care reform. 


Next week, policy analyst Pearl Hahn will join Tarren Bragdon of the Maine Heritage Policy Center, Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute, Eric Fruits of the Cascade Policy Institute, and Brian Lapps, former TennCare director, in speaking to crowds of Hawaii’s broken health care system. Failures of government-run health care in Massachusetts, Maine, Oregon, and Tennessee will also be discussed.

The speakers are slated to be traveling to the following states:

August 17 – California and North Dakata

August 18 – Iowa and Indiana

August 19 – Arkansas and Tennessee

August 20 – Florida and Georgia

August 21 – Pennsylvania and Virginia

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