Are Dog Walkers the New Criminals?

by Pearl Hahn 

KITV News recently reported that dog walkers have been the target of a new city and county crackdown. Kapiolani Park, a popular recreation and gathering area for families, bikers, skaters, joggers, and the like is now a barred zone for dog walkers.

Actually, dog walkers are permitted around the perimeter of the park, but the beach pathway and the rest of the park is off limits. The only dog-friendly park area is a small section near the water fountain. A leash for dogs is required.

Apparently, there are posted signs warning that no animals are allowed in the Park. Police have already ticketed several dog walkers. The citation is more than a slap on the wrist, amounting to a criminal offense and requiring a court appearance. The fine is $500.

The city claims it received a petition advocating more regulation of dogs in Waikiki and has stepped up its efforts to enforce park rules.

In light of a fatal stabbing that took place recently in Kapiolani Park, let’s hope that police officers are applying equal efforts to increase actual safety in the city.

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