Akaka Bill Editorial, Grassroot Institute in Wall Street Journal

by Pearl Hahn 

The Grassroot Institute’s public education efforts concerning the Akaka Bill have earned a mention by the Wall Street Journal. The editorial cites the Grassroot Institute and Beacon Hill Institute’s study on the economic impact of the bill, which could result in up to $689.7 million in lost state tax and land lease revenue annually. The exact amount would depend on the percentage of public land ceded.

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and the U.S. Department of Justice openly oppose the bill due to its race-based and divisive nature.

Now we have clear evidence that opposition is not limited to these government agencies. The results of a Zogby poll this week shows that a majority of Hawaiians oppose the Akaka bill, with 76% opposing higher taxes to pay for its implementation. The burden of lost jobs and investment would fall on non-Native taxpayers, severely cutting into real disposable income.

On Wednesday, the House committee passed the legislation. President Obama, who spent his youth in Hawaii, has said he would sign the Akaka Bill should it cross his desk.

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