Akaka Bill Poll Findings Released


Zogby International poll confirms majority opposition to race-based government

December 15, 2009–A new poll of registered Hawaii voters, conducted by Zogby International, has found that a majority of those surveyed oppose the Akaka Bill, while 76 percent oppose higher taxes to pay for the nation-tribe proposed in the bill. The poll was sponsored by the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii and conducted from November 18 to 23, 2009.

For the poll, Zogby International surveyed more than 500 registered voters in Hawaii. The results reveal strong opposition to the establishment of a separate nation inside of Hawaii for native Hawaiians. Highlights include:

  • 76% oppose higher taxes to pay for such a nation-tribe.
  • Only 7% favor separate laws and regulations for a new native government.
  • 60% say the ceded lands are for all of the people of Hawaii; only 21% say they should be for native Hawaiians only.
  • With regard to racial discrimination, only 28% say the bill is fair.
  • 51% oppose the bill; of those who are decided, 60% oppose the bill.
  • 58% say yes for a vote in Hawaii before the bill can become law; only 28% say no.

The full press release and a summary of results may be found via the links below.

To sign the petition calling for a vote in Hawaii before the Akaka Bill becomes law, please visit http://luv-hawaii.org

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