Press Release Thanking US Senator Daniel Akaka for his Service

by Frances Nuar 

Honolulu, Hawaii—The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii thanks Senator Daniel Akaka for his many years of service to the State of Hawaii.  Although we have had our differences in policy positions, we commend the warming spirit of Aloha that Senator Akaka brought to Washington DC.

Senator Akaka introduced the Akaka bill, which proposed the creation of an independent Hawaiian government. The Grassroot Institute has a long history of work and research regarding the Akaka Bill, such as our policy study on “The Economic Impact of the Akaka Bill: Unintended Consequences for Hawaii”.

The Grassroot Institute believes the Akaka bill is not in the best interest of Hawaiians. A poll conducted yesterday revealed 76% of Star-Advertiser readers stand with us in opposition to the bill.

While the Akaka bill has been tabled indefinitely on the federal level, there has been move to create a State version of the bill recognizing a first nation government in Hawaii, which we also oppose.

The Grassroot Institute looks forward the elections of 2012 and working with new leadership to bring about policies which benefit all Hawaiians, regardless of ethnicity.

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