Hey everyone. In the past couple of weeks, the official Grassroot Institute blog has been getting a lot of readership. With a bunch of guests bloggers contributing as well as our own Hideo Hikida posting his own work, the amount of content the blog has been publishing has been increasing steadily thanks to feedback from all of you.

What we have noticed however, is that we haven’t been getting that many comments on the blog. We all want you to be able to feel that the blog is an open forum for all of you to post your thoughts and feedback on the content that’s posted, so that we can continuously interact with all of you to figure out what you want from us as an organization.

That being said, Hideo Hikida has posted a very easy to read tutorial on how to post comments on the GRIH blog, so that people who might have been a little apprehensive about commenting can try it out without having any doubts! Head on over toRootedinReason.com and check out his post, and try out the commenting system yourself!

Another new development that has come through is that a new Twitter account has been created by our Policy and Media Assistant, Hideo Hikida. You can follow his daily thoughts on the job at @grassroothideo. What we aim for is to give all of you an inside look at how the office works, and what Hideo goes through on a daily basis. Want to know what Hideo’s working on currently? How many cups of coffee he’s had so far? The newest developments on the media side of GRIH? Get on over to twitter, and make sure to follow @grassroothideo ASAP!