by Dick Rowland Think about this as it might relate to an “Akaka Tribe” (separate nation) in our Hawaii: “ The US government created tribal annexation to get poor tribes off the welfare rolls, not to get rich tribes off the tax rolls” ; Bob Field, Reporter, Santa Ynez Valley News, 1/19/12 Field reveals that the Chumash Tribe wants more tax exempt property. The annual income per tribal member is now about $1,000,000, while they, at the same time, enjoy enormous tax breaks from local requirements, running taxes on the remaining others up the wall.  If this disturbs you, call Senator Inouye and/or Senator Akaka as well as Representative Hanabusa and Hirono and ask them if they think this is good. Then ask them if they can/will guarantee, in writing, that such a thing will not happen in Hawaii should the Akaka bill become law. Please do that, they need to hear from you. Oh, shucks, I forgot; call Ed Case, Linda Lingle, Mufi Hannemann, John Carroll and the other current candidates and ask them similarly. Please let me know how that turns out.