Fan Mail

The following is an actual un-edited email sent by a reader to GRIH Policy Analyst Malia Blom-Hill:

Date: February 3, 2012 3:51:25 AM EST
To: maliah@grassrootinstitute.org
Subject: how can you look in the mirror after writing such shit?

“As Goodman explains, this has important ramifications on the purpose of health insurance and makes an argument for treating it more like true insurance.”

Explain how Europe succeeds in insuring 500 million people. And don’t claim it causes budget deficits because that’s not where they come from.

Europe insures 500 million people at less cost with better results. Really you can shove your stupid ideas down the toilet and shut up about this until you are ready to give this topic more than a Sarah Palin dumb ass thought.

Standing up to the climate cabal
Stand on a melting glacier and tell me you are right. There is global warning. It’s a fact. Just like evolution. Grow up already.


Our take on the above: The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii: frustrating statists into ad-hominem attacks since 2001!

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