Grassroot Institute Scholar Ken Schoolland interviewed by ReasonTV

Grassroot Institute of Hawaii is committed multiple strategies for seeking remedy from the Jones Act for Hawaii and other affected states and territories.  Our efforts include collaborations with public policy think tanks across the country and international organizations focused on trade issues. We seek to generate a growing popular awareness of the Jones Act and its affects, and we are encouraged that the Hawaii State Legislature in its 2012-2013 session witnessed a bi-partisan effort to pass a resolution calling for Jones Act reform.  Grassroot Institute is bringing together parties with a variety of proposed solutions in hopes of creating a tide of change.

Recently, Reason TV interviewed the Grassroot Institute’s own Ken Schoolland about the Jones Act and its negative impact on Hawai’i:

“What would an enemy want to do to the people of Hawaii during war time?” asks Ken Schoolland, professor of economics at Hawaii Pacific University and scholar at the Grassroot Institute. “They would want to cut us off from international shipping. Well, this is what the law does to us all the time.”

You can watch the entire video below or click here to go the original article.

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