By Richard Rowland

Is it time to reject college debt? Get ready for the invasion of technology via the market into higher education. And, not a moment too soon!

The Wall Street Journal recently observed:

“Georgia Tech’s online degree, powered by Udacity, is such a game changer. For the same $7,000 a year that New York City spends per student on school buses, you can now get a master’s from one of the most well-respected programs in the country. Moore’s Law says these fees should drop to $1000 by 2020 – a boon for students and the economy.”

Those massive current student loans are going to look heavier and more burdensome as the upcoming crop of students sails through on what looks like a shoestring.

Hark, parents; this calls for leadership on your part. Guide your kids toward a debt-free start of their career. College debt should soon NOT be a threat!


Richard Rowland is the Founder and Chairman of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii.