Ken Schoolland’s Summer Update

2013 Summer Activity, Ken Schoolland


I. ENACTUS (SIFE HPU) team at National Competition, Kansas City, May 2013


II. Lobo Tiggre’s mini-CYCLE 2013 (Casey Youth Camp on Leadership & Entrepreneurship), Minsk, Belarus, June 2013


III. Romanian Austrian Economics Summer School,  Murray Rothbard Center for Political Economy and Business of The Romanian-American University, TFT Events, Cato Institute, Societatea pentru Libertate Individuala, Ludwig von Mises Institute-Romania
Media Partner: Forbes Romania. Presentations on immigration, moral hazard, wage policy, income policy, and ethics. Bucharest, Romania, June 2013


IV. Bratislava Austrian Economic Summit, presentations on moral hazard, economic crisis, immigration, and ethics. CEVRO Institute & TFT Events, June 2013


V. Global Free Market Education, International Society for Individual Liberty, Freedom Fest: Las Vegas, Nevada, July, 2013


VI. China English Camp, Economics Tutor to Jason Xingbin Li, Of “Kunshang School” & graduate student at Jesus Huerta de Soto, King Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain, TFT Events, Beijing, China, July 2013


VII. Austrian Economic Summer School, presentations on economic issues of moral hazard, banking, trade, and income distribution, Northeastern University, Shenyang, China, July 2013


VIII. Seminar on Problems with Fiscal Surveillance and Governance in China & the World, IAPP-Cathay Institute for Public Affairs, Renmin University, presentation on income distribution and American democracy, Beijing, China, July 28, 2013

IX. Seminar & Book Release on Market & Government Transformation IAPP-Cathay Institute for Public Affairs, Renmin University, presentation on global economics education, Beijing, China, July 29, 2013


X. Book launch & presentation, “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible” Dutch 2nd commentary edition, Succesboeken.nl publisher, Amsterdam, Nederlands. Finnish eBook, German book & audio, Hindi release announcement, August 2013


XI. Ethics of Liberty, Libertarian Party of the Nederlands, Amsterdam, Nederlands, August 18, 2013


XII. International Conference of Mouvement pour la Liberté and ISIL, presentation on economics of health issues, Lausanne, Switzerland, August 2013



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