Grassroot ED Tim Lussier discusses meaning of polls on HPR

Recently, Grassroot Institute has been spreading the word about the results of the Reason Foundation’s poll on support for the President, government spending, and other current events. (You can see the Grassroot emails here and here.) With the President’s poll numbers dropping, the question of what the greater impact and importance of polling data might be was raised by Hawaii Public Radio. In the effort to further explore that issue, HPR turned to Grassroot Institute of Hawaii Executive Director Tim Lussier:

“Hawaii Public Radio turned to Grassroot Institute of Hawaii to talk about public opinion polling. We used the opportunity to educate the public that, we the people, are in charge and government should listen to our desires for a more limited and accountable government,” Lussier stated.

Has polling changed the way that politicians govern? Is this our best way of letting government know how the people feel? Listen to the entire broadcast below:

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