Everything you wanted to know about Obamacare — Grassroot Interviews Hawaii’s health insurance administrator

In this latest video for ThinkTech Hawaii, Lloyd Lim, Hawaii’s state health insurance administrator, shared his personal views on Obamacare in an interview with Grassroot Institute President Keli’i Akina.

Lim spoke candidly about the pros and cons of the new Affordable Care Act, clarifying that it forces nearly every American to purchase a government approved insurance plan for the sake of providing medical insurance to those who either cannot afford or qualify for insurance on their own. A major concern to Lim, particularly as an administrator, is how to implement the Act due to its more than one thousand pages of requirements.

“It’s hard for anybody to know all these laws … It becomes hard for people to control it,” stated Lim, concluding, “It’s certainly made my job much more complicated.”

Asked about the problems with the roll-out of the program and the national website, Lloyd suggested two factors, “They probably hired the wrong vendor … and probably … wrong project management going on on the government side.”

The interview contains a valuable introduction to what the Affordable Care Act is and clearly explains the “Hawaii Healthcare Connector,” which Lim initiated as its start-up executive director.

Throughout the conversation, Akina highlights the problem of the growing encroachment of  the federal government upon the individual liberty and economic freedom of states and citizens.

Lim will join other experts as Akina hosts a Grassroot Calabash panel on Obamacare on Dec. 11, 2013 from 10:30 AM -Noon, followed by a luncheon. Click here for more information or to register.

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