By Richard Rowland

“Tribal tenure is a guarantee that the land will never properly be worked and will never really belong to the natives. Cheap labor must have a cheap breeding place, and so it is furnished to the Africans at their own expense.” — G Findlay in 1940, discussing South Africa.

Comment: Well, well; doesn’t this describe US Indian Tribal Lands? How about Hawaiian Homelands? Why do our so-called leaders let this happen? See the quote below.

“You see, it’s not individuals who matter to our leaders, it’s powerful groups…groups that fund or swing re-elections. And that’s the principal reason government policy works at cross-purposes, to our general detriment. Instead of insisting on broad rules that apply to all, our leaders pit group against group, favoring one, then another, then later still another. —-

Madness for us; method for them. — Paul Jacob, 7/23/13

“If We the People allow a President or other head of government to not observe the law, we no longer have the rule of law. Tyranny will follow, sooner or later if there is no correction” — That’s from me.