Grassroot Institute Talks to Duke Aiona

The First in a Series of Candidate Interviews

Grassroot Institute President, Dr. Keli’i Akina, recently interviewed former Hawaii Lieutenant-Governor James “Duke” Aiona on the weekend he publicly announced that he will run for the office of Governor of Hawaii in the 2014 elections.  Aiona opened by stating that the biggest challenge in Hawaii’s  government is “balance”.  He said:  “We just went through a special session [of the Legislature] where many people felt that the process, in their words, was undemocratic.” Dr. Akina  asked the former Lt. Governor what he would do to bring diverse parties together to solve Hawaii’s problems in the areas of the economy and Hawaii’s schools.  Hear Aiona’s responses to this and other questions by viewing the entire interview below or at http://youtu.be/4uFRV7CWOFw. Grassroot Institute, as a non-partisan public policy institute does not endorse candidates or parties.  Stay tuned for future interviews of political candidates and incumbents.

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