Video: Interview with Tom Yamachika of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii

The late Lowell Kalapa performed a valuable service for the Aloha State as President of Tax Foundation of Hawaii.  Government leaders, regardless of political party, respected him as a tax watchdog who “could not be bought.”  He will be remembered.  Not missing a beat, Tax Foundation board member Tom Yamachika has stepped up to the plate as the organization”s interim President. In a conversation with Grassroot Institute President Keli’i Akina on our weekly E Hana Kakou television show,  Mr. Yamachika discusses the state’s current tax policies and the work of Tax Foundation.   A tax attorney with lengthy experience in both private practice and government, Yamachika is active is advising legislators on the implications of bills they are considering in the current session.  View the entire interview below or at http://youtu.be/uYFeD0Ts7k0.  

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