Letter from Grassroot Institute to Sen. Ige

The Honorable Sen. David Ige
PO Box 2999
Aiea, HI 96701
United States

Dear Senator Ige,

Thank you for your letter explaining the concerns which have motivated you to withdraw from tomorrow’s Grassroot Institute Gubernatorial Forum.

Please accept my apology for any miscommunication or presumption on our part.

I respect your concerns and would be very grateful for the opportunity to address them specifically with you or your representative.

With respect to broadcasting, we will do anything necessary to ensure that the forum participants are comfortable. Our original intention is to broadcast audio live without editing for the entirety of the event and post the video within 48 hours in its entirety without editing. However, we are open to making any necessary modification.

As to the audience, while the venue is a monthly gathering of Grassroot Institute members and guests, it is not “closed.” We are pleased that nearly seventy percent of the registered guests are non-members. Additionally, many representatives of the mainstream news media are planning to be present.

Download a printable version here.

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