Grassroot Institute Commends Ige for Determination to Put People and Prosperity Above Special Interests

Organization Encourages New Governor to Consider Budgetary Reforms

Following an inaugural address in which Governor Ige stressed the need for the citizens of the state to put aside division and differences and come together to improve Hawaii, the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii commended the Governor’s intentions and encouraged him to explore new solutions to the state’s problems.

In a brief, well-received address, the Governor promised that his administration would be one where the only special interest is the people’s interest. Grassroot Institute President Keli’i Akina, Ph.D. applauded this sentiment as a step in the right direction and had some suggestions as to where the new Governor might begin.

“We agree with Governor Ige that we must put aside division and special interests if we are to serve the people of Hawaii,” stated Dr. Akina. “In order to find solutions to our problems, we must be prepared to listen to different voices and embrace diverse views. New reforms that set the stage for a sustainable budget, especially with respect to the state’s excessive unfunded liabilities would make a significant difference to our state’s economy.”

Dr. Akina continued: “The Grassroot Institute’s own motto is ‘E hana kakou,’ meaning ‘Let’s work together.’ As the state’s leading advocate for the free market, liberty, and government accountability, we look forward to the opportunity to work with Governor Ige in supporting policies that will improve Hawaii’s finances and strengthen citizen engagement in our state government.”

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