Gratitude, Attitude, Altitude

Collectively, we enjoy great prosperity. Little or none of it would be here for us to use without the framework built, layer by layer, by our forefathers and the divine guidance which propelled them. This is important for us to understand because the normal condition of man is abject poverty. Thomas Hobbes famously observed in 1651″…the life of man,solitary, poor, brutish and short”.

Saving us from that fate is our own efforts sitting on top of and drawing from an accumulated capital structure of savings, tradition, purpose, vision, faith, self-government, creativity, etc. Our choice is to decide to use it wisely taking special care to renew/replenish it as we go or to simply use it and slowly lose it forever.

Our public debate, including media and politics, must thus include two elements:

– Gratitude for the legacy.
– Determination to continue and enhance it.

In summary: Gratitude = Attitude = Altitude

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