Despite Decision, Plaintiffs Intend to Continue Fight Against Unconstitutional Election

Currently considering all of their options, including appeal

Despite an adverse decision from district court Judge Michael Seabright, the effort to stop the state’s unconstitutional Native Hawaiian election is far from over. Though Judge Seabright announced his ruling against a motion for a preliminary injunction that would halt the election pending the conclusion of a case against it (his written opinion is expected to follow), the plaintiffs are determined to continue.

“Hawaii’s own attorneys said in open court that this is an historic election – and we represent Hawaiian citizens who can’t vote in it because they are the wrong race,” said Robert Popper, the attorney from Judicial Watch who argued the motion before Judge Seabright. “We think that is a wrong result.”

“Today’s ruling is only a temporary setback as we are confident that the constitutional arguments for our case will prevail,” said Keli’i Akina, Ph.D., President of the Grassroot Institute and one of the plaintiffs in the case. “The people of Hawaii, including the Native Hawaiian community, have clearly expressed their concerns about the state’s nation-building process and its racial divisiveness. It’s time to set all that aside and stop diverting millions of dollars of public funds from meeting the real needs of Hawaiians and others for education, housing, and health care.”

Speaking as a plaintiff, Dr. Akina continued: “We are now looking into all of our options, including the possibility of appeal. We strongly believe that the constitutional conflict inherent in this race-based election is clear and intend to continue the effort to put a halt to a divisive nation-building scheme.”

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