Eric Butler spoke with the Grassroot Institute about the problem of homelessness in Hawaii, “This is a good time to say now to ease up on those regulation20150915_1012091-e1445258319222s for a period of time until we can get this situation handled.” Eric explained that relaxing regulation will help generate more housing such as pods for homeless individuals.

“These pods can house a couple of people very simply on about five by eight feet of land, they can store their stuff, they have a safe place to sleep for eight hours, and then they can move forward. If they have a safe place to sleep where they are not getting interrupted and getting rained on, then that is a huge step towards mental stability,” explained Eric Butler.

Eric also talked about how long term handouts have a negative effect on homelessness, and that most homeless individuals want to work for something. Eric’s organization WorldPeacePlan.org has a model of having people work and earn a place to sleep.

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