Why Cynthia Wafer left Hawaii

“Born in Queen’s Hospital, lived with my family lived in Palolo Valley. Our family had land but my mother sold it when dad left. We then moved to Waianae, where my mom worked seven days a week all her life to buy a home on leased land.

“I moved to California after high school seeking more education and opportunity as a single mom myself. The trips I took back home always left me in shock at the changes I saw. The local people work two and three jobs to make ends meet, and they still struggle. That was not the life for me. The Waianae lease is up in less than five years. All the money went down the drain. This is how the local people are treated.

“Bad state administration, corruption, taxes, high rent and home prices make it impossible for the kanaka.”

Cynthia Wafer
La Habra, California

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