Why Lynn Fanene, Sr. left Hawaii

“I come from the Fanene/Keawemauhili family. I was born and raised in Kahuku and Laie until I graduated from Kahuku High in 1968. The draft was on so I volunteered and joined the Navy. After my first enlistment, I was getting married and had no job. My wife (Kahuku class of ‘71) and I decided I should make the Navy my career.

“After 21 years in the Navy and four kids, we decided to live in Temecula, Calif. I joined the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and worked in the contract city of Temecula. After 20 years of service, I retired and still live in Temecula. All four children are married and grown, and live in the Temecula area. My wife and I still have family back in Hawaii. We try to visit the islands every three to four years. We miss home a lot including family, friends and the food.”

Lynn Fanene, Sr.
Temecula, California

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