Why Nate Hara left Hawaii

“Born in Waimea, Kauai. Raised in Hilo. Lived in Hawaii until I was 26. Cost of living, continuous raising of taxes and fees raised due to taxes, state’s need to control everything led to my family and me moving to Texas.

“State lawmakers need to remember that, as representatives elected by the people, they work for the people. It is not their job to do as they choose. It is their job to represent the people. By creating new regulations and taxing the people in order to regulate them is not what they are in position to do. The state continues to tax the people with no real plans on how to fix the issues. If tax-raising is the solution, then there is no solution. The state of Hawaii does not learn from the past. Don’t tax or regulate to fund other projects.

“I do have family members who continue to live in Hawaii, many of whom are contemplating moving as they see the greater reward for their hard work in other states with less regulation and a better cost of living.

“I am highly disappointed with Hawaii in general. I am grateful to be in Texas. The cost of living is beneficial for my family and me. I can see the reward of my hard work. Texas believes in rewarding small businesses, which I have, and the hard-working people who contribute back through hard work. Sadly I have no intention of ever moving back to Hawaii. If the state continues in its complacent old-school business tactics, then the state will never succeed.
“I stay up to date with the news in Hawaii, and it is disappointing to hear. I know it sounds vague, but there’s so much that saddens me. That it is the reason why I have no intention to move home. I do work for a major airline and I visit home regularly. But in order for my family and I to move back, we would need to see change that betters the hard-working local people. Reward the people for their hard work.”

Nate Hara
San Antonio, Texas

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