Akina rides again with ‘Perry & the Posse’

Hawaii radio personality Michael W. Perry once again hosted Keli‘i Akina, president of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, on his popular KSSK show “Perry & The Posse.”

Introducing Akina on his morning show this past Thursday, May 2, as “one of the people you probably agree with more than not,” Perry first asked Akina about the Honolulu rail, wondering, “Where is this going? What should we be demanding about now?”

He also asked about the just-concluded 2019 Hawaii state legislative session, wondering if there was “anything important that came out of there that … might actually do something for us.”

And Perry queried Akina about the lack of financial transparency at the state Department of Education.

You can listen to how Akina responded to those and other questions from Michael W. Perry by hitting the arrow on the link media player below.

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