Why Ryker Minks left Hawaii

“Hawaii is my home and it always will be. I’m from Ewa Beach, graduated from Campbell High School, moved to Laie and went to college at BYUH, where I met my sweetheart. I never wanted to leave, and wanted my kids to have the same sort of childhood I did. But after my son was born, the struggle for any sort of financial independence was overwhelming. I had a good job and so did my wife, but still we couldn’t afford to live on our own.

“We made the decision two years ago to leave Hawaii. Now I live in southern Utah. I can pay my rent here for six months with what I paid for one month back home. Sure, it gets cold, but without the insane cost of living, my quality of life and ability to raise my family is way better. I love Hawaii but I don’t miss paying for it.”

Ryker Minks
Cedar City, Utah

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