Why Tom and Ycrem left Hawaii

The cost of life in Hawaii is just too much for us to raise a family there. We wanted to be able to provide our children with more opportunities than we could afford. 

I would love to return some day, even if only to visit. My children were born in Hawaii — my son in Honolulu and my baby girl on Molokai with a midwife. That in itself was a magical experience. But to live there again, I’m afraid, is only a dream. 

At the time we moved, gasoline was $5.04 and milk $6.99 a gallon. We had a 704-square-foot home on about a tenth of an acre. We sold it and bought a home in Indiana. Our tiny Hawaiian home was valued at $25,000 more that our four-bedroom home on one full acre here. 

In a nutshell, Hawaii’s cost of housing and food, electricity and food would have to drop drastically for us to live there again. Or I’d have to hit the lotto, lol. 

Tom and Ycrem Holloman
Georgetown, Indiana

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