The Grassroot Top 5 articles of 2019

The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii covered a lot of policy ground during the past year.

Our writers and researchers produced reports and commentaries on the negative effects of the federal Jones Act, what can be done to help resolve Hawaii’s public pension crisis, how contracting can be revived as a policy option, why increasing the minimum wage and so-called project labor agreements should be avoided, how liberalized zoning could enable more home construction, why the over-budget and behind-schedule Honolulu rail should be subjected to a forensic audit, why the legislative practice of “gut and replace” should be gutted, and much more.

Our theme throughout has been that we must lower Hawaii’s high cost of living, if we wish to stem the exodus of family, friends and neighbors who have been leaving Hawaii in distressing numbers in search of lower costs and greater opportunities elsewhere.

We are happy to say our articles, commentaries and policy reports have had an impact on local policy discussions, in keeping with our mission to educate policymakers and the public in general about the benefits of individual liberty, economic freedom and limited, accountable government. 

As for which articles on our website were the most read, we present the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii’s Top 5 articles for 2019:

1) More studies show Jones Act harmful to Puerto Rico, Jonathan Helton, April 22.

2) Testimony on short-term rentals – Bill 89, Joe Kent, May 8.

3) Singapore model’ doesn’t sing for Hawaii housing, Nicholas DeSimone, Jan 9. 

4) Testimony on ‘Community Workforce Agreements’ — Bill 37, Joe Kent, July 26.

5) Why Tom and Ycrem left Hawaii, Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, Aug. 19.

These articles were all good reads the first time around, and they are still good reads, as are the many other stories we featured on the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii website during 2019.

Happy reading, and if you like what you see, please consider subscribing to our Weekly Letter. 


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