Minimum-wage increases: What we can learn from Seattle

Minium-wage researcher Jacob Vigdor appeared on Keili’i Akina’s “Hawaii Together” interview program on Monday, March 2, 2020, to talk about what Hawaii can learn from Seattle’s recent increase in its minimum wage.

In Hawaii, the state Legislature seems poised to increase Hawaii’s legal minimum wage to $13 an hour over a period of several years, even enjoying the support of major business organizations, who seem pleased the top rate won’t be $15 or even $17 an hour. In Seattle, the municipal government there mandated in 2014 that the city’s minimum wage go up to $15 over a period of years. Vigdor, a professor of public policy and governance at the University of Washington, led a research team hired by the city to look into how things have turned out.

Later this month, the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii will be hosting Vigdor at two luncheon events in Hawaii. The first is scheduled for Monday, March 23, on Oahu at Cafe Julia in the Honolulu YWCA, 1040 Richards St. Admission is $25 and includes a luncheon buffet. Paid parking will be available at Ali‘i Place. The second will be on Tuesday, March 24, at the Maui Country Club in Paia. Admission is $10 and includes a luncheon buffet and parking.

Please join us, if you can. For more information, please call 808-591-9193 or email info@grassrootinstitute.org.

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