Let Hawaii Work: Kathryn Dioso’s story

I am a senior living here on Maui with my son.

I have given my health, specifically my immune system, high priority all of my life.

Three friends of mine have had strokes and are in the hospital. Of course, I cannot visit them nor can anyone else. We can’t encourage them to live. These women were healthy, active women who worked full time and worked out at the gym, swim laps, etc.

I now have an unbelievably healthy 90-year-old friend who for years swam laps for 90 minutes every day and worked out at the gym. I have written to the mayor several times about this because even though he says he opened the pools, my friend can only at most get a reservation twice a week. That is not good for the immune system. I really see more harm done than good from this shutdown.

On top of that, my son left February 5 for a six-week trip to Thailand and has had his flight home to Maui canceled three times. As of today, June 13, he is still there. He now has his fourth flight home set for July 20. The last thing I want is to be a liability that he would have to be taking care of when he finally arrives home.

Those of us who know what to do to stay healthy are being shut down and it is dangerous. I don’t know anyone with COVID-19, neither does anyone I know. However, all around me, people are going down.

Kathryn Dioso
Kahului, Maui
Photo: Kathryn, second from the right in the back row, with friends from her community

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