Let Hawaii Work: Tuan Vo’s story

I have a small barbershop in Kailua, The Regulation. For over 28 years, I served Marine Corps Base Hawaii marines, with 12 part-time employees.

But now, my business is shutdown, since March 23, 2020. Zero income. Burning through savings. No unemployment benefits from beginning till now. I still have to pay the base rent. I got a small Paycheck Protection Program allotment to stop the draining of my savings.

When is it going to end? No government can take care of everyone for a long period of time. I just want to go back to work.

With proper sanitation, Barbecide (a disinfectant solution), personal-protection masks, we can do our jobs. But state and local governments put our livelihoods at risk. It’s worse than the virus itself.

Tuan Vo, Kailua

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