How to make sure you receive our emails

Sometimes our readers reach out to us to ask why they aren’t seeing any of our new emails.

Occasionally they find them in their spam folders, and other times our emails have been delivered to different folders than their main inbox.

The best way to make sure you always get our emails is to “whitelist” us. Whitelisting essentially means telling your email provider that you want to see the emails from a specific contact. It will make sure the emails are delivered to your main inbox, so you won’t miss out on any of the new projects and issues we are working on.

Below is a tutorial on how to whitelist the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii if you use Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. Most other email servers follow a similar pattern. But if you still need help figuring it out, email our marketing director at jmason@grassrootinstitute.org.


1. Click on the three-dot icon at the top right of the email.

2. Click on “Filter messages like this.”

3. A pop-up will appear with complex technical language. Click “Create filter.”

4. Check “Never send it to Spam.” Then click “Create filter.”



1. Click on the three-dot icon above the email. 

2. Select “Add Sender to Contacts.”

3. A window will appear containing the email and name. Make sure the name and email are correct, then click “Save” at the bottom.



1. OPTIONAL: Above the email, there will be a warning message that says, “Some content in this message has been blocked because the sender isn’t in your Safe senders list.” Click on “I trust content from info@grassroostinstitute.org.”

2. Click on the three-dot icon at the top right of the email.

3. A dropdown menu will appear. Click “Add to Safe senders.”

4. A pop-up will appear to confirm your decision. Click “OK.”

If you want to be extra thorough, you can whitelist all three of these contacts:
>> info@grassrootinstitute.org, Grassroot Institute of Hawaii
>> k.akina@grassrootinstitute.org, Keli‘i Akina
>> mark@grassrootinstitute.org, Mark Coleman

If you still have problems or questions, email Josh Mason at jmason@grassrootinstitute.org.

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