A time for hope and celebration

Mele Kalikimaka and warmest holiday wishes!

This holiday means many different things to different people. But whether you observe Christmas as a religious holiday, celebrate it as a secular one or just enjoy having a few vacation days, there is something to appreciate about the holiday season.

No matter what your background or beliefs may be, we all recognize today as a day for generosity, family, friendship and love. Christmas is a time for hope and a celebration of new beginnings.

At the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, we are deeply grateful to count you as a friend. Your support, advice and even your criticism has helped us grow as an organization.

We hope to remain worthy of your continued friendship as we continue our work on behalf of individual liberty, economic freedom and accountable government, for you and all the residents of Hawaii.

Through our policy research and advocacy, the gifts we would like most to give you for Christmas would be:

>> A more prosperous state, characterized by greater opportunities and economic freedom.

>> A lower cost of living, so fewer people would feel compelled to leave for better opportunities on the mainland.

>> A greater respect for individual liberty, integrity and government accountability.

Some might call it an ambitious list, but we promise to do everything we can to make it a reality. After the exceptional challenges of the last two years, we know that Hawaii’s residents need greater prosperity and freedom more than anything else.

I hope that you are enjoying a happy and healthy holiday season.

On behalf of the board and staff of the Grassroot Institute, I wish you a very merry Christmas.

This commentary was Keli’i Akina’s weekly “President’s Corner” column for Dec. 25, 2022. If you would like to have his columns emailed to you on a regular basis, please call 808-864-1776 or email info@grassrootinstitute.org.

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