Governor signs bill to allow temporary licenses to nurses

Score another victory for greater healthcare freedom in Hawaii

Gov. Josh Green signed into law 22 bills yesterday related to healthcare, including one supported by the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii that will make it easier for licensed out-of-state nurses to practice here.

According to the Governor’s Office, SB63, which becomes effective Jan. 1, 2025, will allow the state Board of Nursing to issue temporary permits to out-of-state licensed registered nurses and practical nurses, and to nurses who hold a multistate license issued by another state, territory or country, under certain circumstances.

Beginning July 1, 2025, the new law will also allow an out-of-state licensed practical nurse or registered nurse to apply for a temporary permit simultaneously with an application for a license to practice in Hawaii.

It exempts from license requirements nurses who are licensed in another state, territory or country accompanying a patient from out-of-state for a period of less than two weeks and not employed or affiliated with a healthcare entity in the state.

The measure was originally introduced in the 2023 legislative session but failed to pass. This year, Grassroot had originally supported a bill that would have allowed the state to join the national Nurse Licensure Compact. But when that bill was shelved, SB63 was revived as the best second choice.

If you would like to read Grassroot’s testimony on SB63 from last year, please go here.

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