Hawaii has some of the highest taxes in the nation, a poor business climate and a never-ending supply of government spending projects that are plunging the state into further debt.

Changing this decades-in-the-making status quo is no easy task. But that is exactly what the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii is doing. Your gifts to Grassroot go toward efforts such as:

▪️Defeating new taxes and tax increases and saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

▪️Filing public records requests to make Hawaii’s state and county governments more transparent.

▪️Increasing public awareness of laws that burden Hawaii, such as the Jones Act and zoning regulations.

We have built this movement by challenging bad ideas with good ones, through research, public events, our weekly newsletter, social media and regular meetings with lawmakers at both the state and county levels.

None of these efforts would be possible without you and the hundreds of other individuals like you who support action aimed at achieving a better Hawaii.


Your gifts empower us to promote freedom in Hawaii.

Your contributions to the Grassroot Institute Hawaii, TIN 99-0354937, a 501 (c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.   

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