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More studies show Jones Act harmful to Puerto Rico

More studies show Jones Act harmful to Puerto Rico

Two new studies have confirmed what observers of the Jones Act have known for years — that the century-old federal maritime law has long been harmful to Puerto Rico’s economy. One of the studies, conducted by John Dunham & Associates, found that the Jones Act has...

Hawaii residents voting with their feet

Hawaii residents voting with their feet

Would you vote with your feet? If economic conditions got bad enough, would you choose to live elsewhere? That’s a recurring theme in the most recent edition of Rich States, Poor States, the ALEC-Laffer state economic competitiveness index written by Jonathan...

Want higher wages? Try economic freedom

Want higher wages? Try economic freedom

Try as they might, Hawaii’s policymakers cannot mandate people into prosperity. In fact, their efforts to do so might only make things worse. For example, the Hawaii Legislature right now is contemplating two bills that would dramatically increase the state’s minimum...

#AuditTheRail finally on track!

#AuditTheRail finally on track!

The Honolulu rail is now famous, but for all the wrong reasons. The question is: “What we are going to do about it?" With the project under federal investigation, news outlets around the country are writing about it, using words like “debacle” and “boondoggle.” Here...

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