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Hawaii’s economy has stalled. Many businesses are shuttered. Tourism has disappeared.

That’s because in March 2020, Hawaii’s state and local governments implemented comprehensive economic and social lockdowns in the name of public health that might have hurt our state more than helped it.

We have been working to publicize the very real and personal damage the lockdowns have caused, partly by sharing with the public stories from local entrepreneurs who have suffered significant economic harm. If you have such a story that you would like to share publicly, please let us know.

Report: Road map to prosperity


Hawaii’s economy is in shambles because of the state and county lockdowns intended to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. In response, the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii has published a policy brief, “Road map to prosperity,” that offers almost two dozen proposals regarding how Hawaii can recover and even excel after the lockdowns are lifted.

As best practices from around the globe attest, a strong and diverse economy is best achieved through economic freedom, which is why our brief is the only “road map” of its kind in Hawaii that wouldn’t cost a penny nor set up any new bureaucracies, in keeping with the institute’s mission of promoting individual liberty, economic freedom and government accountability.