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An archive of news stories related to issues relevant to the Grassroot Institute.

The time is past due to end the outdated, protectionist relic known as the Jones Act

10-minute podcast explains how Jones Act harms Puerto Rico

Hellenic Shipping News (in Greece) takes note of ABA resolution on Jones Act

ABA Law Journal reports on resolution to exempt PR from Jones Act

Grassroot Institute cited in ABA’s Jones Act resolution (pages 2 and 5)

NYC and NY State Bar Associations prevail on ABA to urge Congress to exempt PR from Jones Act

How are those rail ridership projections working out for you, Puerto Rico?

The Jones Act: ‘A burden America can no longer bear’

Cato Institute puts ‘outdated law’ in its crosshairs

HART board could have spoken with State Auditor

Honolulu Star-Advertiser opposes ceiling on ridehail fares 

Minor Jones Act violation threatens future of U.S. fishing firm

A new study finds occupational licensing laws hurt many low-income workers by reducing their economic mobility. 

WalletHub ranks Hawaii one of the worst states in the nation (38th) for millennials.

Texas railroad commissioner writes letter urging Congress to review the “outdated” Jones Act.

Thanks to federal tax reform, Kauai’s Kōloa Rum Company giving employees bonuses, raises

Higher taxes could be on the horizon after Hawaii’s Senate passes $72 million tax bill package

Puerto Rico freed from the Jones Act? White House reportedly studying permanent waiver for PR

An environmental case against the Jones Act: Law complicates offshore wind energy construction

WATCH: Heritage Foundation hosts Jones Act panel discussion in Washington, D.C.

Washington Post: Supreme Court case involving mandatory public union membership fees could lead to a fiscal crisis

WSJ: ‘Inclusionary zoning’ laws create a vicious circle of higher prices and reduced demand

U.S. Treasury Dept. plans to cut 298 tax regulations

Guam mulls tax hikes, not privatization, to save floundering public hospital

Reason.com cites Hawaii bill to ban plastic straw sales

Worker responsible for false missile alert had a history of job issues

Pacific Business News explains why Hawaii needs an independent airport authority

Shipping magnates and friendly lawmakers air-kiss over loathsome law that torments poor Hawaiians, Puerto Ricans

Only Jones Act supporters invited to Congressional Jones Act “lovefest”

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