Special Topics

How changing Hawaii’s licensing laws could improve healthcare access

This brief makes the point that Hawaii’s occupational licensing laws have made it difficult for out-of-state medical personnel to work in the islands, thereby contributing to the state’s documented shortage of healthcare workers.

Lockdowns Versus Liberty: How Hawaii's Experience in 2020-21 Demonstrates the Need to Revise the State's Emergency Powers

Hawaii’s emergency-management laws need to be reformed to prevent the extensive exercise of unchecked power by the governor. This report recommends specifically that the state Legislature step in and restore the checks and balances that have gone missing during the public health emergency, declared in an effort to deal with the spread of COVID-19.

Road map to prosperity: How Hawaii can recover and even excel after the coronavirus lockdown

This policy brief offers almost two dozen proposals regarding how Hawaii can recover and even excel after the state’s economically devastating coronavirus lockdown.

How to revive contracting as a policy option in Hawaii

This report focuses on how to deal with the so-called Konno decision of 1997, in which the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that civil service positions, with few exceptions, cannot be performed by private-sector workers, leaving the state with little flexibility in crafting public policy.