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Protect the nation: Reform the Jones Act

Protect the nation: Reform the Jones Act

When it comes to Jones Act reform, the debate often comes down to costs versus national security. No one seriously argues that the Act doesn’t raise prices for businesses and consumers: It is basic economics that restricting the transport of goods between U.S. ports…

Honolulu P3s could violate city debt limits

Honolulu P3s could violate city debt limits

This commentary was published originally Oct. 10, 2019, in The Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Honolulu policymakers are increasingly pursuing private-public partnerships for the city’s large infrastructure projects, allegedly to introduce efficiency or good financial…

Economic freedom in Hawaii takes a fall

Economic freedom in Hawaii takes a fall

The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii urges state policymakers to reverse course HONOLULU, Nov. 7, 2019 >> Economic freedom in Hawaii dropped three notches to 40th place among all 50 U.S. states, according to an index published annually by the Fraser Institute based…

Why we have a housing crisis in Hawaii

Why we have a housing crisis in Hawaii

It’s as true for housing as it is for designer jeans: When supply can’t keep up with demand, prices go up and people get angry. The big difference, of course, is that a shortage of denim doesn’t generally create a crisis. A shortage of housing does. No one contests…

How to improve Hawaii’s business climate

How to improve Hawaii’s business climate

Two of Hawaii’s top business journalists, Steve Petranik, editor of Hawaii Business Magazine, and Kam Napier, editor-in-chief of the Pacific Business News, shared their insights about Hawaii’s business climate at a gathering on Friday, Oct. 23, sponsored by the…

Honolulu City Council’s PLA proposal is pilau

Honolulu City Council’s PLA proposal is pilau

What happens when a government tries to fix a system that isn’t broken? Usually, the taxpayers pay the price. That is what might happen if Honolulu’s mayor approves a measure that would restrict the use of nonunion labor on city contracts worth over $2 million. As…

How Hawaii can avoid ‘Troubled Waters’

How Hawaii can avoid ‘Troubled Waters’

This probably won’t surprise regular readers of my “President’s Corner” columns, but a task force of eminent Hawaii business and other community leaders has just issued a warning that Hawaii’s current rate of government spending is not sustainable. In a new report…

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‘Hawaii Supreme Court Overturns 30 Years of Government Secrecy’

Minneapolis offers Hawaii a model for sweeping housing deregulation

‘Jones Act Is The Largest Impediment To Economic Growth In Hawaii’

Is California (Hawaii) going the way of Germany when it comes to energy?

Police Commission wants accountability about why gun carry permits are being denied

‘We should be angry about rail’s broken promises’

Star-Advertiser urges HART to cough up more rail info for State Auditor

Time is running out to resolve rail audit

Big Island Video News quotes Akina on voided ballot measure

The Garden Island covers pension presentation to Kauai City Council

Orange County Register quotes Akina on building in lava zones

Tuesday ‘Janus’ event covered by The Maui News

Monday ‘Janus’ event covered by Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Civil Beat, Pacific Business News

Star-Advertiser editorializes against ‘gut and replace’

Common Cause, League of Women Voters sue to stop ‘gut and replace’ 

Jones Act could hamper Hawaii’s recovery from Hurricane Lane

Jones Act waiver sought for Hawaii by Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Hurricane Lane price caps will worsen shortages

The Jones Act makes little sense in a globalized world

Federal government puts local zoning in its sights

Hawaii ranks 49th in Cato Institute’s ‘Freedom in the 50 States’ report 

‘The time is past due to end the outdated, protectionist relic known as the Jones Act’

10-minute podcast explains how Jones Act harms Puerto Rico

Hellenic Shipping News (in Greece) takes note of ABA resolution on Jones Act

ABA Law Journal reports on resolution to exempt PR from Jones Act

Grassroot Institute cited in ABA’s Jones Act resolution (pages 2 and 5)

NYC and NY State Bar Associations prevail on ABA to urge Congress to exempt PR from Jones Act