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If you are among those who no longer live in Hawaii or are thinking of leaving, and you would like to share your story about why you left the Aloha State, please fill out the form below.

By completing this form, you are giving the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii permission to use your information for public use. None of your contact information will be shared. The only information that will be shared publicly is your name, where you live(d) in Hawaii, where you live now, and your story

Please tell us your story below about why you moved away or are thinking about it. Be as descriptive as possible. Your response might be edited for style and grammatical reasons. Any responses that attack or support specific political parties, candidates or figures will not be used.

Some questions you could answer:
• Were you born and raised in Hawaii?
• How long did you live in Hawaii before moving?
• What influenced you to move away?
• Which governmental- or economic-related issues influenced your decision?
• Do you have family who still live in Hawaii?
• What are your thoughts about Hawaii now that you live or are moving somewhere else?
• What would have to happen to motivate you to move back to or stay in Hawaii?